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Muchos dias perdida…. octubre 6, 2009


The Last Shadow Puppets… The amazing dinamic duo… lovely boys playing rock…





The Last Shadow Puppets


Listening Artic Monkeys’ Humbug & The Last Shadow Puppets’ The Age Of The Understatement… musicalizando mi mañana…






By the way… RepeaterBeater by Mew is really cool!!!!




…esperando a que carguen los capitulos de NORTH & SOUTHSENSE & SENSIBILITY y la peli PERSUASION… still in period dramas…









I do Believe in you… Mr Darcy… febrero 14, 2009

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You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, and I Love, I Love, I Love You. I Never Wish to be Parted from You from This Day On…


…As always… Mr Darcy makes me believe in him… I believe “my pretty eyes” are near…the true love behind the waiting… today i forget the “special” day.. but when i discovered my movie… the movie i’ve watched hundred of times… i felt in a magic world… in a romantic world where i can believe in everything… more than ever… i do believe in real love… not pink and red colors, hearts, lollipops or sweet chocolates… I believe in my friends and family and in my DREAM… I could wait… because i know my dream is behind the door.. i’ll have to be prepare to take it… with all my heart…


DBSK – Insa (Farewell)… la cancion para armonizar el momento.. arigato sis selenne!!!!

***DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!!! para todas las personas que les he dicho que las quiero… reitero mi amor diario, mi amistad y cariño!!!!


Jane Austen… enero 20, 2009

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“I have no money, no property, I am entirely dependent upon that bizarre old lunatic, my uncle. I cannot yet offer marriage, but you must know what I feel. Jane, I’m yours. God, I’m yours. I’m yours, heart and soul.”

…se que esto de una de mis peliculas favoritas: Becoming Jane.. pero es en memoria a Persuasion otro de los tantos libros de mi adorada Jane Austen… que por cierto ayer acabe…. love it… no musho menos como Pride and Prejudice.. pero es bonita la novela….

*** Sarai en vibracion romantica de epoca Victoriana en Inglaterra… dias nublados vengan a mi!!!!!!!

creditos de la foto y frase: http://www.fotolog.com/james_mcavoy